a long time ago...

...i have postet here.
I had to manage many things in past weeks. A bit of trouble here, a bit there, and so the time is gone without doing something for my scrapblog.

But I did a lot for photography. I decided to put a little more time in photogrphy and startet my own web- and facebook page for it.

You can find them here and here.

But I have done a little bit for scrapping, too, I have been drawing elements for a new kit. The release will be in a few days.

Until that, I will show you some new Lo's made of "so sweet and soft"..
uhhhhh... This Kit is been missing here.. ooops...
ok, then first I will show you the kit
(it was really a long time, since my last post)

both Lo's by me, Photos by erdbeermond (http://www.erdbeermond.eu/blog)

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